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OLI G protects against bleaching, colour and heat treatments

OLI G protects against UV, sea and chlorinated water

OLI G restores keratin proteins, sulfur bridges and split ends.

OLI G permanently restores damaged, dry and lifeless hair

OLI G works better, faster, easier and is often cheaper than comparable products. Due to the multiple action of OLI G (hydration, shine, anti-frizz, conditioner, hair mask, keratin treatment, heat protectant) it is no longer necessary to purchase various products with a single action.

OLI G moisturizes, gives shine and eliminates fluff

OLI G does not aggravate the hair and makes her soft and combable

OLI G gives hair resilience, elasticity and strength

OLI G works deep in the hair strand

With OLI G, you will enjoy hair coloring longer

OLI G makes hair like new in minutes

OLI G is a leave-in, so no washing out is necessary

Young, older, Caucasian or coloured. Woman, man, lots of hair, little hair, it doesn't matter.

OLI G is suitable for all hair types, hair colors and extentions of human hair